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‘Tash Sultana’ live at the Arnhem Club April 29th Reviewed by Rob Stewart   On a delightful Friday evening in paradise I strolled at a leisurely lope in the direction of the Arnhem Club, just me and my thoughts. My thoughts were future focussing and ponderous, what sort of crowd will show up? Will I […]

‘Eugene Hideaway Bridges’ live at the Arnhem Club April 1 Reviewed by Rob Stewart Tables and seating for around 60 people were carefully laid out, chairs and table decorations were meticulously fussed over and made what was transpiring at the bars seem a world away. The intimate setting for the Arnhem Clubs Dinner & Show […]

‘The Beards’ live at the Arnhem Club March 18th Reviewed by Rob Stewart With a very generous and eager crowd salivating at the prospect of worshipping everything beard we girded or loins and stroked our beardy chins (For those who had cultivated growth) in anticipation for what hopefully would be a good gig… Good was […]

‘Ezy 5’ live at the Arnhem Club March 18th Reviewed by Rob Stewart Ezy 5 were the support act for headline outfit the Beards and as I watched a collective of Beards who came out to get an earful of local sounds they could be seen smiling and nodding their heads and exchanging those ‘these […]

Digging Roots /Miss Quincy & the Showdown Under / Barra (West Wind) – Live @ the Arnhem Club Saturday Feb 27   Reviewed by Rob Stewart   The brilliant unofficial Canada Day Celebrations started with newly adopted Canadian’s and local legends the Barra Band… These guys have got the blend of salt-water reggae, traditional, and […]

Dallas Frasca & Mike Elrington’ live at the Arnhem Club Oct 2 Reviewed by Rob Stewart A beared man mountain hulked his way upon a newly configured stage, politely introduced himself and then spewed forth a venomous, captivating, pure alcohol laced blues smorgasbord. It struck all in attendance (who numbered quite the impressive crowd) with […]

Reviewed by Rob Stewart Mary Handsome’s music should come with a warning disclaimer that should read along the lines of… WARNING: The following show includes original music written and crafted with such aplomb that it presents the very ever present danger of becoming more outrageously infectious than Bird Flu. Songs include catchy choruses, happy hooks […]

‘The Villains’ live at the Arnhem Club November 13 Reviewed by Rob Stewart Villains To The Rescue… Because I’m just your average, run of the mill music wanker, and frustrated lounge room guitarist… I strolled down to the Arno this fateful Friday eve with some preconceived ideas of what I should expect from the nights […]

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