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Tash Sultana Live @ The Arnhem Club April 29 2016

Written by on April 30, 2016

‘Tash Sultana’ live at the Arnhem Club April 29th

Reviewed by Rob Stewart


On a delightful Friday evening in paradise I strolled at a leisurely lope in the direction of the Arnhem Club, just me and my thoughts. My thoughts were future focussing and ponderous, what sort of crowd will show up? Will I be impressed by this loop pedal witch-craft? What should I drink? These thoughts were interrupted as I drew close enough to the club to see a generous handful of folk heading for the door and I could hear what sounded like quite the most intriguing melody I’ve heard, my perambulation upped its ante to a trot and I got myself stage side quick smart.

There on the usually confined stage when filled with a band full of musicians, stood but a solitary pixie surrounded by pedals and a keyboard stand. Apart from Grant’s drum kit cluttering the stage the wide open spaces were evident, yet somehow it seemed barely large enough for the sound Tash Sultana was unleashing.

Tash Sultana is the pint sized purveyor of pure power personified (and I think that’s a new alliterative personal best record for me) a true musical architect. To witness a Tash Sultana gig is akin to witnessing a construction site on time lapse, each song starts with a solid foundation, and then with the skill of a master builder Tash adds layer upon layer with the aid of her loop pedals until a metaphorical skyscraper is completed.

It is truly intriguing to watch her bob, duck, and weave from mic to pedal, to keys to mic, to beat boxing to guitars until all is in place for her strong and impassioned vocalisations, and I do tend to believe its more ‘vocalisation’ than ‘vocals’ as I didn’t feel there was a great attention to clarity of the words pronunciation, but instead the way it was whispered, howled, or sung angelically was of more importance, and even though I have chosen to point it out, I don’t think it mattered one iota that I hardly understood one word that was sung, cos it sounded bloody great anyway.

I wasn’t alone in my appreciation as a really excellent sized crowd had all come along to enjoy some therapeutic live original Australian music delivered by an out and out champion of creativity.

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