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The Beards Live @TAC 18/3/2016

Written by on March 19, 2016

‘The Beards’ live at the Arnhem Club March 18th

Reviewed by Rob Stewart

With a very generous and eager crowd salivating at the prospect of worshipping everything beard we girded or loins and stroked our beardy chins (For those who had cultivated growth) in anticipation for what hopefully would be a good gig…

Good was a massive an underwhelming expectation, with retrospect now as my collaborator, I can summarise the gig in four words;

‘Best Fucking Gig Ever!’

Really that’s all I need to say, I could hit save on this document and be confident I captured every nuance of the gig in that simple 4 word summary, every stroke of the beard, every thrust of a groin, every bead of sweat that trailed down an arse crack, every humorous Beard Fact, every brilliantly executed note, every single thing that made you smile like a grinning loon all night long… All succinctly described as the aforementioned 4 word review.

For the Beards it was a case of ‘veni, vidi, vici’ which I shall incorrectly translate to ‘they came, they played, and they guaranteed that they were the best band you will ever see at the Arnhem Club.

For a so called novelty band, they leave almost every serious band before them whimpering in their wake. The Beards playing unity is tighter than the grip Tony Abbotts budgie smugglers have on his brains, their musicianship is second to none and their ability to have the crowd singing along and encouraging inhibition-less stroking of beards was nothing short of mesmerising.

They’ve been playing for 10 years, and it took me all of those years before I saw them, now they are on their farewell tour I will probably never see them again, I am so pissed off with myself for not going at every prior given opportunity.

For everyone who saw them on that memorable Friday night at the Arno, that joyous memory will linger for ever and your sense of humanity will be immeasurably enlightened, for those bricks who consciously chose not to go, your dull little life will carry on regardless and somewhat less fulfilled.

Long live the Beards!

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