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Dallas Frasca & Mike Elrington live @ The Arnhem Club Oct 2 2015

Written by on February 16, 2016

Dallas Frasca & Mike Elrington’ live at the Arnhem Club Oct 2

Reviewed by Rob Stewart

A beared man mountain hulked his way upon a newly configured stage, politely introduced himself and then spewed forth a venomous, captivating, pure alcohol laced blues smorgasbord. It struck all in attendance (who numbered quite the impressive crowd) with enough impact to knock our berets askew and ruffle any finely manicured hipster beard into a grizzly mess.

Mike Elrington was an inspired support act for Dallas Frasca and when local drumming institution Grant Pukeroa joined him to round off his set the intensity and expectation reached a heightened state of bring it on mother flippers…

After a short lull that was timed just perfectly to take a gentlemens break, recharge the beverage and assume the preferred position we were salivating at the prospect of what was about to be inflicted upon our live music lovin’ ears.

Dallas Frasca is the fired headed vixen and name sake for one of the most riff-snortin, melody mad trios Australia has the pleasure of owning. They came to rock… by nights end, they had fulfilled their obligation beyond all expectations.

Two guitars and drums are the weapons of choice and the absence of a bass player is merely a curiosity as it did not matter one iota. With a unique brand of guitar interplay between Dallas and the furious fretboard flying Jeff Curran, and add to that Josh Eales fearsome, monumental attack on the drums, the sound is one of utter completeness.

Every song was delivered with, passion, intensity, proficiency and fun… Dallas commanded the crowd to get involved and with her powers of persuasion it didn’t take much for her to convince all and sundry to remove the rigid poles from their proverbial recesses, loosen up and go nuts!

The last song of the night and crowd favourite was All My Love, for this Dallas commissioned an impromptu choir from some of the Arnhem Club staff who had made Dallas and her crew at home and man mountain Mike Elrington… Her latest album is called the Love Army and I think by the nights end that encore choir as well as almost all of the revellers were more than willing conscripts.


Dallas Frasca live shots by Rob Stewart

Mike Elrington live shots by Rob Stewart

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