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BAND: Mr Chrisy Mertas ALBUM: Cookers Paradise RELEASE DATE: 22/02/2024 Sometimes reviewing albums can be an onerous task, listening to music that just isn’t hitting your triggers, but you desperately try to mine for the positive treasures. Sometimes, and this is very rarely, it’s a task where you find yourself thinking…’fuck this, I’d much rather […]

An Album review of sorts.  Music, it should be acknowledged, has an indeterminate uphill battle in objectivity.  The shit that shakes my derrière may not come remotely close to eliciting a modest jiggle of cellulite wiggle from your posterior! It’s a problematic issue for a lot of musos who would for examples sake love their […]

The alt-rock standard-bearers’ 10th album is the most upbeat music they’ve ever made By Kory Grow – Rolling Stone Foo Fighters have been a reliable alt-rock institution for more than 25 years. A band with that kind of august track record could get bored or complacent with their job. But Dave Grohl and Co. just […]

‘All Our Parents Are Divorced’ album by The Lulu Raes Reviewed by Rob Stewart I didn’t have to listen to a single track to know that I was going to add this new EP by the Lulu Raes to the Feature Album pile… It’s flammin well called ‘All Our parents Are Divorced Now’ and accompanied […]

‘Caravana Sun’ Feature Artist of the Week by Rob Stewart When 4 scruffy surf lads from Sydney with a penchant for travelling teamed up over 5 years ago, they probably in all honesty never imagined just how far their idea to take their jam sessions outta the lounge and onto the streets would take them…literally. […]

‘This Way North’ EP by This Way North Reviewed by Rob Stewart This Way North are Melbourne’s latest dynamic duo and are an insanely engaging gift to ya listening gears! Featuring on guitars and vocals Leisha Jungalwalla (Also plays with Jungal) and on drums Cat Leahy (Also plays with Sal Kimber & The Rolling Wheels, […]

Reviewed by Maria de Sotto The accompanying press release for Annabelle Kay’s latest EP states that the songstress is known for her ‘sporadic long stays in the middle of isolated corners of the world where she seeks solitude and inspiration’. Well Nhulunbuy was just one of those isolated corners and our little town has the […]

After two years of relentless touring both locally and internationally, Melbourne rockers Stonefield are back with an exciting glimpse of what is to come on their upcoming new LP The taste of new music from the Findlay sisters is entitled ‘Golden Dream’ The track showcases a dreamier, more psychedelic sound than previously heard from the […]

‘Love Army’ album by Dallas Frasca Reviewed by Rob Stewart This album was released earlier in July this year and I’ve had to hold it back till now to coincide with Dallas Frasca’s imminent gig at the Arno this Thursday and Friday before I could release the rockin hound on your soon to be enthused […]

‘Stories’ EP by At The Dakota Reviewed by Rob Stewart Darwin 5 piece At The Dakota have released their debut EP called Stories. And yes for those in the know, that is the very same At The Dakota who just recently won the People’s Choice category in the 2015 NT Song of The Year award. […]

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