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Mary Handsome Live @ The Arnhem Club Feb 5 2016

Written by on February 11, 2016

Reviewed by Rob Stewart

Mary Handsome’s music should come with a warning disclaimer that should read along the lines of…

WARNING: The following show includes original music written and crafted with such aplomb that it presents the very ever present danger of becoming more outrageously infectious than Bird Flu. Songs include catchy choruses, happy hooks and will administer elephant sized proportions of enjoyment. If you are possessed by an easily addicted disposition, you may wish to question your attendance.

Powered by Reid Cooper (Guitars and vocals) Roy Kellaway (Guitars and vocals), Dan Poison (Bass and vocals) and Ari Tooth (drums and not allowed near the microphone) these 4 separate entities embody a united cause for the delivery of high quality, original indie pop masterpieces.

Mary Handsome are important to Gove because of their local connection, Reid and Roy originally began playing together in the Sleeveheads, a band they formed whilst attending Nhulunbuy High School. Reid lived here for a few years and Roy spent close to 10 years growing up in Gove and his old man Stu (An internationally renowned musician and producer himself) was all smiles as he ran the sound for the gig and enjoyed another successful Mary Handsome gig at the Arnhem Club.

Overall the difference between an obscure independent act and International fame is generally just a lucky circumstance. Mary Handsome have the tunes, the looks and the calibre to be household names, they, just like thousands of other brilliant original independent bands, haven’t had the lucky break yet. So they will just continue to go to Uni, work day jobs, rehearse, write and play as many gigs as they can because ultimately they love music.

Hopefully dumb luck will discover them soon… as it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of blokes.

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Pictures from Arnhem Club gig by Rob Stewart


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