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Barra Band Live @ TAC review

Written by on May 15, 2016

‘Barra Band’ live at the Arnhem Club May 13th

Reviewed by Rob Stewart

Friday night at the Arnhem Club had a delightful atmosphere, there was a real sense of family, a fun sense of expectation weaved and bobbed around the Cazbah. Smiling faces were excitedly conversing in friendly clusters with one eye casting furtive glances to the equipment filled stage as young ones darted from pillar to post laughing and giggling without a care in the world.

The extremely impressive gathering was a buzz and the scene was set and would soon come to life.

Internationally renown yidaki master Djalu Gurruwiwi began proceedings and when the boys from the Barra Band joined him on stage it was game on. Right from the get go Barra Band were hitting the mark, they sounded crystal clear, they made playing look effortless, they sounded like the professional band of creative human beings that they are.

The crowd loved every minute, dancing and singing in unity with the band, and embracing their set of original songs played and delivered by consummate professionals. The core creative duo of front men Andrew and Larry command the stage and were well supported by band regulars plus some special guests like PJ from East Journey playing all night long and Bala G (Guruguru Hick) adding some inspired hip-hop rhymes that sat really comfortably with the Barra Bands sound.

The Barra Band play music you can’t help but enjoy, surely that’s all you can ask for from a top night out?


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