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‘Into The Dirt’ EP by the Pierce Brothers Reviewed by Rob Stewart Melbourne dynamic duo Jack & Pat Pierce are the two brothers and namesakes of the Pierce Brothers who when combined become a roots, folk pop tour de force. Having only just returned to our shores after a 4 month world tour where they […]

‘Do Tell’ album by Hat Fitz & Cara Robinson Reviewed by Rob Stewart Hat Fitz & Cara Robinson are a contrasting pair in seemingly opposing orbits. Hat Fitz is the grizzled, whiskey stained king gee shirted blues veteran guitar slinger, and Cara Robinson is the Irish rose with the sweet sweeping voice and an effortless […]

  ‘What You Believe’ EP by Morgan Bain Reviewed by Rob Stewart Morgan Bain’s self titled first EP owed a lot to his obvious inspiration and influence of fellow Perth Blues and Roots artist John Butler… His follow up EP ‘What You Believe’ however sees Morgan taking the opportunity to explore new boundaries as his […]

‘Child In The Desert’ album by The Bondi Cigars Reviewed by Rob Stewart With well in excess of 2o years of touring and recording under their belt The Bondi Cigars have learnt every valuable lesson that only hard working touring bands are fortunate to realise… You’re only as good as your last show or album, […]

‘Home’ album by Suze DeMarchi Reviewed by Rob Stewart Suze DeMarchi was gifted with a voice that was tailor made to traverse the tight rope extremes of mellifluous melancholia through to gut wrenching rock n roll…all without the aid of any namby pamby safety net! Never before has Suze’s range and dexterity been best displayed […]

‘Tunnel At The End Of The Light’ album by Tex Perkins & The Dark Horses Reviewed by Rob Stewart How do you surmise Tex Perkins? He is an enigmatic troubadour ingrained into the Australian music psyche, but I think DC Root did it best in his song ‘I wish I was Tex Perkins’ when he […]

‘Breakthrough’ EP album by ‘Harts’ Reviewed by Rob Stewart My Grandmother… whom I often reflect upon when looking for review inspiration (Insert mildly amusing chuckle) Often said to me as a young boy “If you want it done right, you’ve got to do it yourself!” which she quickly followed up by then bumping me out […]

‘Wanderlust’ album by Ella Fence Reviewed by Rob Stewart Good music should transcend you from the moment you find yourself trapped in and deliver you to another worldly moment where possibilities abound! Good music creates an emotional response that illustrates a scene in your minds eye that plays out to the highs and lows of […]

The Grenadiers – Summer Reviewed by Rob Stewart The Grenadiers by default, don’t politely knock at your door, shake your hand and shyly introduce themselves and then forewarn you of the impending musicality that may soon assail your listening gear! No, that demure approach to introduction is not the chosen path for the Grenadiers, instead […]

Mojo Juju – Seeing Red, Feeling Blue Reviewed by Lisa Heathcote The old adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is true of this album. Looking at the front cover of Mojo Juju’s album ‘Seeing Red, Feeling Blue’ you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a hip hop/ RnB album. Surprisingly there are beautiful […]

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