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The Grenadiers – Summer Reviewed by Rob Stewart The Grenadiers by default, don’t politely knock at your door, shake your hand and shyly introduce themselves and then forewarn you of the impending musicality that may soon assail your listening gear! No, that demure approach to introduction is not the chosen path for the Grenadiers, instead […]

Mojo Juju – Seeing Red, Feeling Blue Reviewed by Lisa Heathcote The old adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is true of this album. Looking at the front cover of Mojo Juju’s album ‘Seeing Red, Feeling Blue’ you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a hip hop/ RnB album. Surprisingly there are beautiful […]

Gang Of Youths – The Positions Reviewed by Brianna Barrett Gang of Youths new album ‘The Positions’ has recently debuted at number 5 on the ARIA charts and the band is currently touring around the country. The group of four men in their mid 20’s were born and raised in Sydney with Dave Le’aupepe as […]

Bärra Band – Dhapirrk Rirrakay Reviewed by Maria de Sotto Just after starting with Gove FM I was lucky to be in the studio to watch Bärra (Bahr-ra – meaning ‘the West Wind’) in action. They performed a couple of songs but it was the beautiful ‘Djarrawalu’ that has stayed with me for some time. I […]

$10,000 – The Crossword Reviewed by Maria de Sotto There are a few birthday presents I received as a kid that made my 1980s childhood complete: Cabbage Patch dolls, Donkey Kong video game, ‘Smash Hits’ cassettes, and my mini Casio synthesizer. I’m particularly sentimental with that last one and not just because it was a […]

Leura – Creature Of Sight LP Reviewed by Maria DeSotto Here at GOVE FM we receive a fair bit of material from various Aussie artists wanting to get their musical wares on the radio. Sorting through the pile, Leura’s ‘Creature of Sight’ stood out because it was produced by the award-winning Lachlan Mitchell (best known […]

‘Thee Gold Blooms’ album by Thee Gold Blooms Reviewed by Rob Stewart If boundless enthusiasm was an integral ingredient for chart success then Thee Gold Blooms would be mounting that top 5 thoroughbred pony with whip in one hand and a beer soaked clenched fist raised to the sky! Perth garage rockers, Thee Gold Blooms […]

‘Odd Even’ album by Doc Holliday Takes The Shotgun Reviewed by Rob Stewart Picture this…The camera zooms in on beads of sweat clinging to a dirt crusted wrinkle on a furrowed brow, a squinted eye peers intently into the distance, cue music. Film noir has found the perfect foil for any future cinematic features with […]

An Interrupting Breathe Of Life   ‘I Am Alive’ album by Rudely Interrupted Reviewed by Rob Stewart Inspirational is an adjective that gets thrown about far too often with a blindingly reckless regard to the true essence of the word. But Melbourne based band Rudely Interrupted are inspiration’s metaphorical boss! Singer / Songwriter / Guitarist […]

  The New Sultan of Swing Album review by Angela Madden   Blackbird is Dan Sultan’s third album in eight years, and was released on April 4th this year. Music reviewers around the country appear to be heralding this new offering as a large leap forward for the Melbourne-based singer-songwriter. This must be a true […]

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