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Pierce Brothers – Into The Dirt EP reviewed

Written by on September 6, 2015

‘Into The Dirt’ EP by the Pierce Brothers

Reviewed by Rob Stewart

Melbourne dynamic duo Jack & Pat Pierce are the two brothers and namesakes of the Pierce Brothers who when combined become a roots, folk pop tour de force.

Having only just returned to our shores after a 4 month world tour where they played to festival audiences, they would’ve only had enough time to unpack their bags before embarking on the Australian leg of the Into the Dirt EP tour.

It’s an EP that goes a long way to showcase all the elements of the brother’s unbridled talent and enthusiasm as well as superb well harnessed restraint and delicate flourishes. It consists of 4 superbly crafted original recordings and two bonus live tracks that were captured at an Amsterdam performance.

The Pierce Brothers flame is starting to burn bright and with all the hard touring slog it’s showing no signs of extinguishing any time soon.

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