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‘Do Tell’ LP by Hat Fitz & Cara reviewed

Written by on August 20, 2015

‘Do Tell’ album by Hat Fitz & Cara Robinson

Reviewed by Rob Stewart

Hat Fitz & Cara Robinson are a contrasting pair in seemingly opposing orbits. Hat Fitz is the grizzled, whiskey stained king gee shirted blues veteran guitar slinger, and Cara Robinson is the Irish rose with the sweet sweeping voice and an effortless doyenne of percussion. Together they align!

The Do Tell Lp is littered with not only the spice of life but the whole blues, roots and Celtic kitchen.

Tracks like ‘Gotta Love’ and ‘Shakedown’ propel me to rush head long onto the dance floor and grab random strangers to swing about whilst spilling beer with reckless abandon. The title track ‘Do Tell’ takes me to a place where it could comfortably be my soundtrack whilst I commit crimes and escape the law in an unregistered Ford Mustang. Contrasting that is the song ‘Coming Home’ which just makes me want to say to my cousin that she sure looks purdy! It’s bluegrass hillbilly gold.

This Friday and Saturday Hat Fitz & Cara will hit the Arnhem Club where you can be transported to perhaps your own little place, all the while enjoying this accomplished duo tour de force.

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