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  The New Sultan of Swing Album review by Angela Madden   Blackbird is Dan Sultan’s third album in eight years, and was released on April 4th this year. Music reviewers around the country appear to be heralding this new offering as a large leap forward for the Melbourne-based singer-songwriter. This must be a true […]

  Riding the Carousel of independent music Album review by Angela Madden   Women In Docs shine with their enthusiasm for making music; even after more than fifteen years of playing tunes together. Women In Docs (Roz Pappalardo and Chanel Lucas) believe in grass-roots folk music, and tour extensively to bring their sound to appreciative […]

  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Album review by Angela Madden   ‘The Basics’ are a Melbourne-based trio consisting of Wally De Backer (aka Gotye), Kris Schroeder and Tim Heath. These guys have been making fine music together since 2002, albeit with a 3 year hiatus in recent years, reforming for a string of live performances at the end […]

  Budding vocalist steps up to Batt Album review by Angela Madden   TANYA Batt has been compared in the music media to the likes of Florence and the Machine and Lana Del Rey. These are big, impressive female vocalists to be likened to for an up-and-coming Australian musician. When I asked Tanya about this […]

  Somewhere Over the Rainbow Album review by Angela Madden   Black Rainbow is the debut solo album from Steve Balbi, a man perhaps better known as the former bass guitarist for Noiseworks and frontman of Electric Hippies. Steve appears to be a man who has been both around the traps, and through them. This […]

  NT musicians take a soulful trip down the river Album review by Angela Madden.   Sietta is some serious home-grown talent. Formed and based in Darwin, Sietta is the duo of James Mangohig (producer/instrumentalist) and Caiti Baker (power-house vocals). These two are kicking some serious musical goals around the country, and the release of […]

  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Album review by Angela Madden   Yes, it is the same Russell Morris you are thinking of; him of the 1960s ‘The Real Thing’ fame and success. The 64 year old musician has a new-ish recording out, ‘Sharkmouth’ and this marks his first ever top 10 album – some 44 years after Morris […]

  A Scene to Watch Closely Album review by Angela Madden   This girl is one to watch. Closely. And I’m not the only one who thinks so. Melody Pool’s debut album The Hurting Scene made it into Rolling Stone Magazine’s top 50 albums of the year for 2013, which is an extraordinary outcome for […]

  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Album review by Angela Madden   This week our feature album is straight-up, no holds-barred, sticky-pub-floor modern Rock ‘n Roll. King of The North are an Aussie drums/guitar duo intent on bringing us hard-rocking, uncomplicated music with a minimum of fuss. And they certainly deliver on this promise. King of The North make […]

  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Album review by Angela Madden   Jae Laffer is likely best known as frontman of Australian band ‘The Panics’; an acclaimed group originating from Perth who have been making music together for over ten years. Our current feature album ‘When The Iron Glows Red’ marks the first solo recording for Jae Laffer, and […]

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