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The Beards :: The Beard Album

Written by on May 25, 2014


Beards prove a hair-raisingly good formula

Album review by Angela Madden 


You probably won’t believe me, but Novelty-Hair-Rockers ‘The Beards’ have just released their fourth album all about beards. Yes indeed, one topic yielding four albums.

Theirlatest offering is simply titled ‘The Beard Album’ and was released on 9th May. The album name may be straight-forward but the CD design is not; the album cover appears to be made entirely out of furry (read: fake beard) fabric.

Quite an extraordinary, and peculiar, musical achievement to have taken a concept-band as far as these guys have managed. And they show no sign of stopping these beardy hits.

For those who haven’t come across this Aussie group before, the band website clarifies as such: “The concept is fairly simple – a rock band that exclusively perform songs about just one subject – Beards”.

The Beards are riding the current wave of facial-hair popularity, and appear to be having the time of their lives in the process. Their music is a truck-load of fun, and the live shows hilarious and rollickingly enjoyable.

With previous album titles such as ‘Having a beard is the new not having a beard’ and tracks such as ‘If your dad doesn’t have a beard you’ve got two mums’ this band are masters of generating a laugh through music.

Make no mistake, The Beards can also play their instruments very well, and in fact come across as a tight rock-group (when you have time to take notice between laughter). Most songs are introduced by the same enthusiastic comment of “Here’s another song about beards!”

Hopefully you can listen-in to our Gove FM interview with The Beards, which was recorded live at BluesFest 2014. I am going to leave it unedited, so that you can catch eight minutes of us chatting, exclusively and ridiculously, about beards. Oh, and occasionally about music.

With stage-names such as ‘FaceyMcStubblington’ I guess I should have expected nothing less from these new-age novelty-rock heroes.

Each week we feature an album by an Australian artist or group.

Listen out as we play a track from the feature album Monday to Friday this week, just prior to the midday news.

A full interview between Station Manager Ange, Station Volunteer Matt and all four members of The Beards will be on-air 2pm, Wednesday 21st May, on 106.9 Gove FM.

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