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Caravana Sun Feature Artist Review

Written by on May 6, 2016

‘Caravana Sun’ Feature Artist of the Week

by Rob Stewart

When 4 scruffy surf lads from Sydney with a penchant for travelling teamed up over 5 years ago, they probably in all honesty never imagined just how far their idea to take their jam sessions outta the lounge and onto the streets would take them…literally.

With over 500 gigs notched into the belt and 4 tours across Europe, yes 4 not 2, not 3 but bloomin 4 tours already locked and loaded, these four scruffy lads (and I only say scruffy in a jealous attempt to hose down their obvious natural chick magnet good looks) have been able to shape, develop and create a unique and summer filled sound that draws from all their obvious inspirations.

The latest single is Eye of the Storm and is the lead off single for the upcoming LP Guerilla Club which will be released July 2016. Eye of the Storm has had the luxury of Joel Quartermain’s (Eskimo Joe) production skills, with his skill for contemporary sounds he has enhanced Caravana Suns eclectic surf/dub/rock fusion.

The track sounds like a summer favourite and the album is much anticipated after this excellent first taste.

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