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Amy Hetherington live – ‘Don’t feed the Ducks’ 03.02.2021

Written by on February 7, 2021

Wednesday Feb 3, The Cell, Nhulunbuy, NT.

Comedy is quite the compelling challenge…How does one person engage a cohort of strange human beings, and tickle each and everyone of their jocular nerves with sufficient hilarity to have them smiling inanely throughout the show?

That of course is a rhetorical interrogative statement, and is a very subjective proposition!

My poorly researched and considered thesis is comedians seem to fit into either of two moulds, the contentious, bear prodder type, or the personable and engaging friend.

Amy Hetherington may just be the Poster human for the later. Mingling in the foyer pre-show, Amy can be seen blissfully chatting away with attendees, possibly swapping tips on preventive measures surrounding unwanted humidity sweat, just like they were old friends.

The personable charm is only ramped up when we, the throng, make our way to the Cells theatrette, and are all greeted by Amy brandishing a big bloody bowl of lolly snakes!

Amy having successfully gained our trust and unwavering friendship courtesy of sugary bribes, then proceeded to regale us with a string of well crafted and humorous anecdotes about her Territory life and the absurdities / perculiarities that lies within. Very relatable material for Territorians, and also magnificently crafted for non-Territorian’s who will be in one part fearful, and one part in awe of our way of life.

Amy is an energetic, engagingly enthusiastic, yarn spinner who obviously loves human beings. This makes spending an hour with her one of life’s many entertaining pleasures.

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