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Dallas Frasca Love Army LP Review

Dallas Frasca Love Army LP Review

‘Love Army’ album by Dallas Frasca

Reviewed by Rob Stewart

This album was released earlier in July this year and I’ve had to hold it back till now to coincide with Dallas Frasca’s imminent gig at the Arno this Thursday and Friday before I could release the rockin hound on your soon to be enthused as all get up ears.

This is the Melbourne trios third album and to borrow an often used cliché, “it was a ling time coming, but well worth the wait’

Rock n Roll is in good hands when these three amigos tear it a new hole. Right from the opening track of ‘Success Is The Best Revenge’ the album showcases a spectacular array of riffarama (It’s a word alright, just don’t look for it in your dictionary) blended with stomping rhythm and that most remarkable instrument of all…the soaring pipes of Dallas herself, this lady can holler!

They’ve not yet commenced mandatory conscription into the Love Army but by the albums end you’ll be most certainly looking for their recruitment centre.

Catch the brilliance of Dallas Frasca for yourself this Thursday and Friday evenings at The Arnhem Club, do whatever it takes to make sure you don’t miss this rockin’ night.


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Rob Stewart

October 5th, 2015

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