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The Grenadiers Summer LP Review

The Grenadiers Summer LP Review

The Grenadiers – Summer

Reviewed by Rob Stewart

The Grenadiers by default, don’t politely knock at your door, shake your hand and shyly introduce themselves and then forewarn you of the impending musicality that may soon assail your listening gear!

No, that demure approach to introduction is not the chosen path for the Grenadiers, instead they are far more likely to kick in your front door, throw the cat into the fish tank, steal your booze and consume it nude in your pool, all the while rockin’ out to a sledgehammer of original hard driving rock n freakin’roll!

On their new LP ‘Summer’, Adelaide’s most celebrated hard hitting tunesmith’s have delivered an album that any self respecting dirty filthy rocker could hope for, it’s a rollicking, rampage of raucous proportions destined to leave you wanting more!

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Rob Stewart

June 26th, 2015

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