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Laughing Mike

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Laughing Mike, more commonly known as Mikey, likes to have a laugh……if you haven’t worked that one out.

The Questions we asked Laughing Mike was:

1. Who’s Your All-Time Favorite Band?  I reckon it could be the Fooies (Foo Fighters)

2. Your on Death Row, What would your last meal be? Birds Nest Soup

35 days for a Chinese Swiflet to make and it only occurs 3 times a year. It’s believed to have aphrodisiac qualities  – may as well go out with a smile.

3. What Special Talent Do You possess? My amazing dancing ability.

4. What would your most effective torture method be? Making you listen to Dance Monkey

5. What’s Your Worst Habit? I keep turning up for this show

6. Who would play you If Your Life Was Turned into a Movie?  Phil O’Brien




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