Know your Announcer

Rotten Robbie –  The Chord Recliner Saturday 6pm  

1. Who’s Your All Time favourite Band? It could only be settled with a tag team fight to the death with the The Cosmic Psycho's and TISM on one side taking on The Hard-Ons and Tumbleweed in the other corner!
2. What Movie Have You Watched The Most? You're obviously not a golfer? 'The Big Lebowski' of course,or El Duderino if you're not down with the whole brevity thing! It's a Cohen Brothers movie… They do good movies dude. Shut the f*#k up Donny!
3. What Special Talent Do You possess? The unnerving ability to give a lady everything her heart ever desires.
4. What’s Your Worst Habit? Lying about what special talents that I may or may not possess
5. Who would play you If Your Life Was Turned into a Movie? I feel it would require the services of a really interpretative character immersive  actor that is also well versed in the ancient arts of method acting. A dramatic heavy weight, a charismatic tour de force, a wild and wind swept individual who didn't just break the mould but they fathered it's children and raised them to defy all of societies oppressive stereotypes before peeing lightning in that mould causing it to shatter to smithereens! Someone like Lassie I think would fit the bill?






Dolo Fevaleaki – Hour With D – Wednesday 6pm 

1. Who's your all time favourite band? Wu-Tang Clan
2. What Movie Have You Watched The Most? Straight Outta Compton.
3. What's your idea of a perfect weekend? BBQ at the beach.
4. What’s Your Worst Habit? Playing music too loud
5. Who would play you If Your Life Was Turned into a Movie? O'shea Jackson (AKA) Ice Cube.








Jezza – The Jam Session with Jezza – Monday 5-6PM

1. Who's Your all Time Favourite Band? An epic combination of Dave Matthews Band, CCR and The Tea Party with Cat Stevens as frontman. It's a super group project. My people are talking to their people.
2. What Special Talent do You Possess? I can benchpress 135kg, have an IQ of 168, speak gallic and I'm a great kisser.
3. What's your worst habit? I habitually lie about what special talents I possess.
4. What’s The One Thing You Can’t Live Without? A guitar…….of any sort…….unless of course that sort is a ukulele.
5. When Did You Last Cry? Last week.  I spilt some milk.  It was emotional.  








Maria de Sotto –  Wednesday – Friday 7 – 9AM

1. What movie have you watched the most? It's a tie between Jaws and the Wizard of Oz. Go figure.
2. What's Your Worst Habit? Investing in American soap operas & the midday, free-to-air 'true life story' movies.
3. What Special Talent Do You Possess? Complaining and self-deprecation .
4. Who would play you if your life was turned into a movie? Robert Downey Jr.
5. What's The One Thing You Can't Live Without? Annie, my furry child.