Caravana Sun Live @ The Arnhem Club  7/5/16

Caravana Sun Live @ The Arnhem Club 7/5/16

Caravana Sun Live @ TAC reviewed by Rob Stewart
I’ll spare you my perambulating thoughts enroute to the Caravana Sun Gig and instead jump straight to the moment where after securing my re-hydration salvation I pushed open the door at the Arnhem Club that leads to the Cazbah and operates as the division between cool climate, bassy beats and the aforementioned hydration station on one side, and the warm embrace of humidity, the unfortunate stench of durries and a surprisingly small gathering on the other side.
After last weeks human fest I was expecting more, but I was able to navigate easily to exchange pleasantries with a wise and learned part of the clubs furniture about the art of live gig reviews.
Fortunately by the time Caravana Sun hit the stage the humans had embraced the outer confines of the club in much healthier numbers to indulge in yet another stellar performance of consumate originality performed by artists who have spent a good part of their lives mastering, refining and continually experimenting in order to become the best at what they do.
Thus with this dedication to the cause of being brilliant musicians that mesh to become one almighty band, we, the mortal listener are treated to a spectacular dance worthy set of delectable tunes that transport you to a happy place where you forget about where you are, or what you should, or shouldn’t be doing and just allow yourself to smile and enjoy the bloody moment… cos it can’t last forever!

Rob Stewart

May 9th, 2016

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